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High School Salon: Beauty Skin


The poor princess is becoming a teenager, and she doesnt know what to do! What are these bumps on her face? She tried to cover them with makeup, but she only looked messy and scary. She doesnt know how to use eye shadow, lipsticks, or powder, and its a royal problem! Help the pretty princess face her scary acne problem with your skin salon!Product Features:- Princess themed game with easy controls for girls.- Use skin tools to help clear her face acne.- Lotions, essential oils, and masks are ready to fix her problem!- Apply makeup such as creams, eye shadows, and lipsticks.- Help the princess feel pretty and get rid of her acne!
When youre a princess, you have to look pretty for all the royal balls and dinners. Right now this princess doesnt feel pretty, but you can solve her scary problem! Use the tools in your skin salon to help the teenage princess defeat her acne and make her face gorgeous and smooth again!
How to Play:- Use interactive controls to select tools, creams, and makeups.- Treat her teenage acne to make her face smooth and pretty.- Fix her makeup to make her look royal and beautiful for the ball.
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